Reflecting on Racial and Ethnic Diversity

In today’s culture, the n-word has become a lot more casual than it used to.  Watching things like The Chapelle Show (even at an age I probably shouldn’t have been) and it’s use in very popular hip-hop songs has almost desenzitized our culture to what it means.

On one hand, I think it’s a good thing that the stigma is starting to wear off the word.  It is no longer a “hate word” that perpetuates negative stereotypes. Donte Stallworth and Leigh Bodden talked about how on the football field, the word gets tossed around all the time and people don’t really think anything of it.

On the other side though, I think it can be harmful to use a word without understanding the meaning it could have.  The United States is a very young country, and not so long ago the n-word was part of hate speech, and it still can be.  I think that we as a society just have to be careful how we speak.  As with anyone, treat them with respect when you are speaking, and maybe keep the dialogue more open about the n-word, instead of just calling it taboo.



PSA: Increased heroine and painkiller use in Oakland Country



Since 2012, the abuse of herione and over the counter prescription medication has statistically  increased in Oakland County, Michigan.  According to the Detroit Free Press, the deaths attributed to overdose has risen 14 percent.  In 2014, 1,745 people have died compared to 1,535 people in 2013.  No demographic is immune to addiction and treatment is always available.  Seek help from: if you or someone you know is affected by addiction.

For our PSA, we decided to look into the rising use of heroine in and around Oakland County.  Some problems we faced was deciding what type of medium to use.  We decided we would write a television script announcement that would include a picture with it.

We also had trouble finding data to back up our claim.  We started with a PSA about the fog that has recently blanketed South Eastern Michigan, but we couldn’t find data to back that up in our research.  The group ended up deciding on a serious matter that had some facts we could use.

Four Icon Challenge

For this story we are exploring the story of Tariq Sheikh and Tabinda Sheik.  It is a story about two people from different cultures that fall in love.  You can hear the entire story here:

The four icons represent some of the major important objects from the love story.

Who I am Online Today

Today, I am mostly on Twitter.  Twitter is where I get all my news, so it makes the most sense that I use this site.  I would say it has even changed the way I consume most media.  Because most people share their content via social media, I find it hard to bring myself to visit actual news sites and check the feed.

I have a facebook, but I hardly ever post there.  While I find it great that social media allows people to share their opinion, I find myself not agreeing with most of my friends and family.  Twitter is appealing because you can choose who you follow, but it’s also a negative.  I find a trap people can find themselves in social media is creating an echo chamber and never leaving it.  It’s important that you get some variety in the people you follow, even if they disagree with your opinion.


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