Digital Ethnography Project: Destiny The Game



For this project, Kendra and I decided to look at the community of Destiny the game.  In this podcast, we discuss how the community has grown and talk about why it has stayed so strong over these past three years.  Kendra was the “fresh set of eyes” of this subject and I was more of an “expert” on the subject.  You can listen to the podcast here.


Experiencing Schizophrenia through Second Life

Second life is a virtual world in which you can experience many things.  This exercise today brought me into a building that was emulating a taste of Schizophrenia.  Never having used second-life, I didn’t know what to expect. It was much realer than I thought.

It constantly had voices talking to you, telling you to kill yourself, that you’re worthless, and negative things of that nature.  With the ability to have more than one voice active, I felt more immersed in this experience than I had initially.  It was haunting as it was something that hits a little close to home.  I liked how real the voices felt.  They didn’t seem phoned-in, or over-acted to the point that it wasn’t believable, it was taken very seriously.

The one thing I didn’t like was that the voices seemed to loop after a short period.  While this may be true to someone who suffers from schizophrenia, it was a little immersion breaking towards the end of the experience.  (Note: I went through all the interactions fairly quickly, and then spent some time walking around back through the house)

I think this is a very strong experience, held back by the technology.  As someone who has spent a lot of time in virtual worlds, I find it is harder to get a sense of immersion from the third-person perspective that second-life uses.  While this may be the case, the sound effects were scary real, and I think this can be a good experience for someone trying to understand Schizophrenia.

Remix Picture

I chose this image because it represents two important things in my life.  It includes a picture of my dog, because I love animals.  I have always had one in my life, along with a cat as well.  The bass represents my love of music.  I’ve played instruments for all my life and I am very passionate about it.