My Digital Auto-biography

Social Media

As I’ve grown up, I’ve also grown up with a lot of social media.  My digital life began later than most, because of my strict parents, I didn’t start engaging with social media until about 2009.  I had a facebook, but I didn’t use it much.  My first truly active presence was on MySpace, mostly to rebel.  I enjoyed sharing my taste in music and my friend Tom.


I then switched my focus over to facebook for a few years, but eventually found twitter.  This is where my most personal digital presence is.  As a fan of the video game industry, I follow a lot of writers.  I mostly retweet news in the industy and about games.  Also, I enjoy all sorts of humor and have a lot of memes on my twitter feed.


To understand my digital life, I think it’s important to understand the digital medium that I interact the most with.  Video games are a huge part of my life and a large influence on how I interact on twitter and other social media sites.

My interest in video games began at an early age when my parents purchased a Nintendo 64.  It was supposed to be for my sister and I, but I was the one who played it for the majority of the time.  This helped create social connections with kids on the street as we would talk about strategies on how to beat games.  There was even the famed “my uncle works at Nintendo” stories kids would say and just make up random things.

This system even has some of my favorite games of all time.  With classics like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, this has more than nostalgia going for it.

My gaming habits stayed relatively similar throughout the Playstation 2 era, spending multiple hours with friends playing games together on the couch.  This brought it what some call the golden age of the 3D-platformer.


This era is easily my favorite system of all time.  I think it has a lot to do with the time it came out.  We all have that nostalgia for the days of our youth, how things were  much easier when we were kids and we didn’t have a lot of responsibilities.  I think this system reminds me a lot of those days.

The most important era of platforms was very important to how I interact with friends.  The Playstation3 and Xbox360 generation standardized online gaming with consoles, and with it brought a new way to interact with friends.

While I started this generation with a Playstation3, I eventually switched over to Xbox360 because that’s where most of my friends were playing.  Now, you could talk to your friends over the internet and easily play games with them.

With this generation, I was also discovering websites that were dedicated to gaming news.  This peaked my interest in the writing side of the gaming industry.  I started listening to podcasts and reading articles daily.  The thing about this generation though, was that is was longer than most console generations because it existed during the economic recession.  More importantly, it lasted long enough that about half-way through the generation, my interest in the writing industry died down, and I stopped keeping up with all my podcasts.

My ongoing gaming journey is currently at the Playstation4.  While my gaming habits have stayed relatively same, I have discovered a completely new aspect to the gaming world; being part of a games community.  Three years ago, a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (say that ten times fast) came out called Destiny.  The important thing to know about this game is that similar to something like World of Warcraft, you can interact and play with random people.


As someone who is a little anti-social, this made it easy to meet new people and interact with them.  I keep up with streamers and follow a lot of the community leaders on twitter.  It brought people together in a way I didn’t know could happen.  It involves keeping up with popular YouTuber’s and reading articles on patch notes.  While I still enjoy other games, this is by far my most played game of all time.

This generation also helped renew my interest in the gaming press.  It actually happened by accident some could say.  For a few months, I was working a 6 p.m-2 a.m shift at work, and spent most of that time with my headphones in.  After an update to my phone, I noticed they added a podcast app, where I found some of the podcasts I used to listen to were still active.  After that it just kind of snowballed, and I’m usually reading articles everyday that deal with the games industry.  I have high hopes for the industry and hope to be part of it in someway.

Reflecting on Racial and Ethnic Diversity

In today’s culture, the n-word has become a lot more casual than it used to.  Watching things like The Chapelle Show (even at an age I probably shouldn’t have been) and it’s use in very popular hip-hop songs has almost desenzitized our culture to what it means.

On one hand, I think it’s a good thing that the stigma is starting to wear off the word.  It is no longer a “hate word” that perpetuates negative stereotypes. Donte Stallworth and Leigh Bodden talked about how on the football field, the word gets tossed around all the time and people don’t really think anything of it.

On the other side though, I think it can be harmful to use a word without understanding the meaning it could have.  The United States is a very young country, and not so long ago the n-word was part of hate speech, and it still can be.  I think that we as a society just have to be careful how we speak.  As with anyone, treat them with respect when you are speaking, and maybe keep the dialogue more open about the n-word, instead of just calling it taboo.